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How much does it cost to submit?


Submissions costs 300 USD each.

If the reviewers and handling editors suggest modifications, you can resubmit the manuscript for free.

If you submit a manuscript using our Word template, we charge 100 USD as a surcharge. 

Included services

The fee includes copyediting, peer review and any other administration costs.

We pay parts of the article processing fee to the reviewers – each reviewer can claim $25 per manuscript.

The published articles are open access and have a Creative Commons 4.0 license. 

Free submissions

If your university is a partner or sponsor of ScienceMatters, your submission is free (providing one of the authors is from that university).

Currently, University of Zurich is a sponsor, Life Science Department at École Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, University of Toronto, University of Bern are partners.

We accept an unlimited amount of submissions for free from sponsors and a certain amount from partners.


We offer payments via credit card and PayPal. Credit cards are implemented into our platform, for PayPal please contact who will invoice you via PayPal.

Fee waiving

We consider discounted or free submissions for researchers who live in rural areas. In case of financial need, please contact